Posted by: jesserad | January 30, 2010

Skate Park in Downtown Eugene May Revitalize Area

Written and photo by Jesse Radonski

Eugene, OR – It was a sunny yet cool afternoon on January 27th. I figured that if I’m going to write about the new skate park that’s in the works for the Washington-Jefferson street bridge area, I better go take a look for myself. I wanted to get some first-hand shots to show you readers what it looks like now. As you can see above, it’s pretty desolate. I wanted to get closer but there was a large gang of teenagers that didn’t look friendly enough for me to hang around with the equipment I was using. Bringing in active skateboarders and to using space that is going to waste will hopefully curb the problem. Also, this will be the only covered skate park in the Eugene / Springfield area which ensures outdoor usage even during the usual rainy Oregon weather. Check out these similar parks in Vancouver, B.C. and in Portland, OR.

The City of Eugene, Parks and Open Space has been keeping people up-to-date on much of what has been happening lately with the planning of the park. Earlier this month, I went to their final public meeting at the Eugene Public Library where Dreamland Skateparks received feedback of the design of the park one last time ranging from general public to skateboarders young and old alike. In fact, this was the fourth session to get feedback and I believe this is done so that it doesn’t turn out like some others. Obviously, there are some wrinkles that still need to be ironed out in the plan of constructing an 18,000 square foot park. Emily Proudfoot, the Landscape Architect for the City of Eugene, Parks and Open Space spoke about how there is going to be new lighting needed for the space. Architects also spoke about having to lay down material to make the mushy grass areas more stable for the concrete. From the sound of it though, things should be well under way for skateboarders and park enthusiasts alike in the Eugene / Springfield area. For more information, check out and the final model of the park below.


Vancouver Skate Plaza –

Burnside Skate Park –

City of Eugene, Parks and Open Space –

Dreamland Skate Parks –

Little used skate park losing big bucks – –

Final Design [Video] –


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