Posted by: conorsjohnson | March 12, 2010

The Outsider group rationale

By The Outsider group

When our group first started out we were all very confused how we wanted to approach skate parks, bike paths, and public spaces. We had so many opportunities that it was hard to narrow the selections down. Eventually we decided to each focus on different aspects. Two people looked into the new Washington-Jefferson skate park while the other two members researched biking and public spaces. Our intended message was to spread the knowledge of all three topics. When all three messages came together they became very powerful and the intended message was received.

Our intended audience was definitely the college age student but even stretched towards people in their late 50’s or adolescents for public spaces. We were not able to conduct a survey to collect data about analytics but through facebook and twitter we feel we reached our target audience very effectively.

The most successful components of the project were the blog posts and the video. Everyone contributed a vast amount of information in their blog posts. Our blog was very successful and was set up in a very easy to read format that attracts readers. The video that we created was also very successful. The editing was done very well and the footage of the actual site of the new skate park gave people a visual reminder of where it will be located. When everything was put together for the final project we realized all of the hard work we put in finally paid off.

Although it seemed like we had a lot of time to complete this project, there was a little bit of urgency to have to get things done at the end of the term.  This is because we had to do other things on the side so when it came time to have certain things done, we were in a hurry to get it done.  So if we had more time to complete this project I feel that we would have been able to get more interviews done to make our project that much better and even if we did not get more interviews, we would have been able to make the two that we had look that much better.  Money didn’t have a role in what we were able to do but when it came to access, if we were able to have a little more access we might have been able to get more information on the new skate park being built.

The specific challenge that our group had during this project was the communication factor.  Although we had email access, this was a big project that had a lot of components with it so if we were able to work together as a group more often in class it would have made things a lot easier.  We would have liked to have a little more group activity during the lab sections because even though some of the things that we did during those labs were beneficial, we could have used that time to better our projects.


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