The Skate and Bike Awesome Blog is a group of four Journalism students at the University of Oregon. We are researching the benefits of having skate parks, bike paths, and public spaces in the local community and also on a national level. Our goal is to post at least two blogs a week and use various forms of multimedia to create a blog worth reading. Check often for new material!

My name is Jesse Radonski and I’m a recent transfer student to the University of Oregon from Lane Community College. I’m majoring in Public Relations and hope to get a place in the music or video game industry when I graduate. My interests lie in video games, music, craft beer, and snowboarding.

Contact me at: radonski@uoregon.edu and check me out on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/j__rad

My name is Crary Massey. I am a junior at the University of Oregon and I am majoring in Journalism with a focus in advertising. My interests are football, basketball, and hanging out with friends. My goal once i leave the university is to be involved with law enforcement and also to be involved in my dad’s advertising company. Contact me at: cmassey@uoregon.edu.

My name is Gina Lee. I transfered from university in Korea and this is my second year in University of Oregon. I studied Advertisement and Public Relation in Korea. My concentration in U of O is Advertising. My goal after I graduate from school is working in advertising industry as an Accountant Executive in the U.S.

Contact me at: ginal@uoregon.edu

My name is Conor Johnson and I am currently a Junior attending the University of Oregon with a focus in Advertising. My main interests are in sports but I also enjoy reading and hanging out with friends. My goal in life is to be a creative director at an advertising agency.


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