Posted by: jesserad | January 15, 2010

Issues of Skating and Biking in Oregon

By Crary Massey

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Skateboarding and biking are two activities that are starting to become big news locally and in the Pacific Northwest. When it comes to the local skateboarding community, Eugene is beginning to make local skateboarders very happy. Recently there has been a proposal made that will allow for a brand new skate park to be built in the Washington-Jefferson Park which will be an undercover and 24-hour lit skate park which would be the only one of its kind within 150 miles. This idea is loved by most in the community because it could transform a crime plagued area and allow for people to have something to do, such as skating, and hopefully focus the attention on something other than crime. The downside to this, which is presented by Shelby Martin of the Register-Guard, is that this skate park will cost around $500,000, which is a financial obligation that the Eugene community cannot yet afford. But if the community can raise the money for this project, expect big things to come for the Eugene skateboarding community.

Another healthy activity that has been expanding over the years is bicycling. Ever since 1995, the bicycling community has gained riders, but that expansion has ended due to the first decrease since that run. There are many reasons why this has happened but due to a study that was put together by the Transportation Department of Portland there are some main factors that have contributed to this decline in riders. The main thing that I saw as alarming, were the people who said that they did not feel safe biking around the Portland area. They said that they were afraid that there were people who did not pay attention and were afraid someone would hit them. This is a reason why bike paths are so important to the biking community. By adding bike paths to certain areas, more people will feel safe, which will allow more bikers to hit the road and get the exercise they want and they deserve.
By taking these two important issues to heart and building more skate parks and bike paths and even public parks we will allow communities to feel safer, happier and also allow people to get the exercise that they want and need.


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